Collectible Magazines and Books for Sale in Kansas City, MO

Vintage old cameras. Kodak Stylelite Pocket Camera. Slimline. Compact. Built in Automatic Flash. Electronic. Battery operated. Use two double AA size batteries. Batter compartment rear of automatic Flash.. Batteries not included. Color: Brown Orange and Natural. Use Kodak 110 Films. Rear View Window Capture. Film housing pull-down access rear immediate to Capture Window w/quick snap closure. Sn...
Collectible 15" Teddy Stuffed Animal "American Family". Collectible Brown Teddy Bear. Color: Light Brown, and Dark Beige. Black Vinyl eyes w/Gray ring. Embroidery mouth, and nose. Interior ears/bottom feet, Dark Beige 15" Tall. Promotional Teddy Bear. American Family Insurance Company. Apparel: White, Blue, and Red, Mid-length - Tee Shirt. Logo front: Someone w/Red Heart Me Beary Much. Thereaft...
Vintage Binder. Color black. 3 large rings. Binder rings Diameter 2 1/4". Two slide in out storage compartments inside w/ clear view. Snap open/close triggers firm manual closure. Loose leaf paper divider. Lever Lock. (Lever Lock prevent rings from opening normally). Lever Lock instruction in print included. Capacity loose leaf paper 950 sheets. Material sleek stainless steel center and rings, ...
Vintage Binder. Quantity 1 Vintage WilsonJones Binder. Color black. 3 small rings. Binder rings Diameter 3/4". Two black slide in out storage compartments inside . Snap open/close triggers firm manual closure. Capacity loose leaf paper 425 sheets. Material sleek stainless steel center and rings, durable cardboard cover Vinyl.. Length 10 1/4" x Width 3/4" x Height 11.5". Brand: WilsonJones. Made...
Offering a vintage embroidered linen diary/prayer book cover. Off white color. Measures 6.75 x 5.5 . Excellent vintage condition. Cross posted.
Kenneth Copeland Teaching Ministry. From the series: Jesus-The Name Above Every Name. "Your Right to the Name of Jesus. Explosive power is yours as a believer. God's given you the authority to use it. Set (two cassette tapes). Side 1 & 2. Tape 1: Heavenly realms authority. Tape 2: Faith is the power source for what you desire. Cassette tape No.09-0141 & 09-0142. English. Precut clam shell case ...
Music. 2975-3. Antique and Collection Music. Gee! But you're Swell ~ Sheet Music. Words by Charlie Tobias. Music by Abel Baer. Feature (cover image) by Russ Morgan and his orchestra. Inside: Sheet Music ~ The Garden Of Roses- music by Johann C. Schmid (verse Fminor, chorus Fmajor). Your Eyes Have Told Me So- music by Walter Blaufuss ( three keys) Center Sheet: Gee! But You're Swell- music by Ab...
60 years old See All Pictures Fair condition, well loved & well used. Over 4,800 pages Missing one page...the first page Contains Several Dried Roses, Which Came With The Book, And Will Continue On With The Book. Binding - Fair Condition (Not Good, Not Very Good, Nor Excellent.... It's Fair) X-POSTED 11" x 8.5" 4" Thick
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