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Hi my name is Dakota Bedford. I am 19 years old, I m very friendly and get along with others well. But I m usually keep to myself most of the time. I m very responsible, I do my own laundary , and clean up after my self . I m always willing to help out one another. I take my responsibilities very seriously and my job as well.. Budget $600 per month Accommodation for For myself Ready to move Now...
Looking for a 1968 swing axle 12v transaxle could be complete backing plate to backing plate but looking for options. Location Midwest Kansas City willing to paying shipping. It s could be 1967 12v bell housing, trans if that would help
I am 19 years old, and am looking for a room to stay in for at least half a year, maybe longer, preferably in Independence or Liberty. I m currently working 40-50 hours a week (sometimes longer), so I most likely won t be around too often. Total budget: $650 monthly
Need entire spindle assembly. Best to cut two upper control arms as pinch bolt will probably break if you try to remote it.
I am a 30-year-old single Male, I currently work from home and then after go to the gym. Im pretty laid back otherwise I am clean/tidy.. Budget $700 per month Accommodation for For myself Ready to move August 14. LGBT+ friendly Contact BRANDON
Hai im Dristyn. im a 21 year old emo kid who grew up in foster care and im in need of a place to stay. i grew up in foster care so im socially awkward at times and really shy. i need someone who is patient and willing to help me with things. Total budget: $400 monthly
Anyone looking to sell their Steve's Led Retrofit hood for Biocube 32?
Any complete (no or few missing and easily replaceable pieces) board games you d like to get rid of? We re looking to expand our collection.
I ll either have it shipped or will drive to pick it up. Please contact me if you can help. Thanks.
Need a transfer case from a 2006-2008 grand Vitara with automatic transmission and 4 mode switch on the dash. Contact me if you can help. Thanks.
Hey guys, So I recently messed up my back right tire pretty bad and need it replaced. The dealership wants to charge me $705 for one wheel replacement, on top of a number of other things I need to repair. I was hoping I could find an OEM or Aftermarket set quickly (end of the week) so I can just have them swap out all the tires and sell the non-damaged ones.
Ford XLT F150 5.0 Ltr engine, Rear Wheel Drive
Title says it all. I have a Heritage that's going to be doing family duty for the next ~10 years. The 4Runner will be doing trail duty till then. TIA!
Hello, Hola, my name is Hannah and my fiance is Kris. We have two wonderful dogs. Our pit is a service doggo, who is so soft his own fleas beat him up. The Chihuahua, he's a service doggo in training. He's just a little standoffish. They're names are Brody and Milo. Total budget: $150 weekly
Find a wrecked supercharged 3800 car and pull motor and tranny
FREON WANTED: We pay $$$ for cylinders and cans. R12 R500 R11, R113 ,R114. Convenient. Certified. Professionals. Call 312-291-9169 or visit:
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